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Grave of Prelate Pranas Urbonavičius

The Catholic church priest, prelate, book smuggler, organiser of distribution of the prohibited Lithuanian press, press worker, author religious letters, in 1905 the representative of the Great Seimas of Vilnius, participant of Vilnius Conference in 1917, organiser of soldiers volunteers and volost self-government, the vicar general of Telšiai Diocese, the administrator of Salantai parish Pranciškus Motiejus Urbonavičius (1868–1941) is buried here. The grave is marked by black polished stone monument of three-level obelisk shape erected on the concrete base on the front plane with the engraved cross contour and epitaph: "Prelatas Pranas Urbanavičius 1868–1941". Pranciškus Motiejus Urbonavičius was born on 1868 September 18 in Baubliai Manor. He studied in Gargždai Primary School, Paurupė (Rucava, Latvia) Progymnasium and Liepaja Gymnasium, during the period of 1885–1889 he studied and finished Kaunas Priest Seminary. He was involved in the activities of the national revival movement of ordinands, in 1888 he together with others established a secret Association of Lithuanian Patriots the members of which sought to learn how to give sermons in the Lithuanian language, translate the religious literature into the native language, distribute the Lithuanian press. During the period of 1890–1891, he was an editor of the newspaper "Review of Samogitia and Lithuania" (Žemaičių ir Lietuvos apžvalga), distributed the Lithuanian Catholic publications. On 21 September 1891, he was ordained as a priest and appointed as the vicar of Plungė Church. In 1893, he organised watch of worshippers at Kražiai Church which the Russian authorities were planning to close. In 1896, he was the chaplain of Mintauja (Jelgava, Latvia) high schools, as of1897 he was the chaplain of Kaunas Saint Trinity Church and the chaplain of the school, the curate of Jonava Church, during the period of 1901–1904, he was a parson of Klovainiai, in 1905 he was appointed as Salantai parson. He established the consumer company "Kaukas“, Saulė Society Primary Girl School, gathered together "Pavasarininkai" detachment, during the period of 1906–1911, he constructed a masonry church in Salantai. As of 1918, he was the honorary canon of the chapter of the Diocese of Samogitia. On 30 November 1926, he was appointed as the vicar general of Diocese of Telšiai, took care of construction of the bishop's chamber and seminary of priests. As of 1930, he was the prelate of the Pope's Chamber. During the period of 1908–1910, he wrote a two-part prayer-book for children, in 1920 and 1922 books for girls "Sesutei-Rūtelei" and for boys "Broliukui-Dobilėliui", in 1931, the book "Spinduliai”, in 1934 he wrote the eucharistic prayer book "Šventoji valanda" (Holy Hour). In July 1940, he returned to Salantai to work as a parson. He died on 1941 May 1941.
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