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Grave of Public Figure Vladas Grudzinskas

The grave is located in the centre of Grudzinskas family graveyard. The participant of Vilnius conference held in 1917, supporter of volunteer soldiers, the first rifleman in Kretinga, press collaborator, knight of the Order of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas, honorary citizen of Kretinga District, pharmacist Vladas Grudzinskas (1868–1936) is buried in the grave. Registered cultural heritage object of local significance (unique code 31450). The grave is marked by black polishes stone tombstone with the graved epitaph: "B.I.P. Pharmacist Vladas Grudzinskas 1868–1936. Jonas Grudzinskas 1912–1992“. The graveyard is enclosed by a fence of stone columns and metal chan. Vladas Grudzinskas was born on 1 April 1868 in Gintališkės Manor. He studies in Paurupes (Rucava, Latvia) Progymnasium and Liepaja Gymnasium. He worked in a pharmacy in Riga since 1882, in Saint Petersburg since 1885. During the period of 1891–1908, he graduated from Dorpat University (Tartu, Estonia) in which he studied pharmacy, opened his own pharmacy in Saint Petersburg. In 1914, he moved to Kretinga in which he purchased a pharmacy. During the period of the Forst World War, in 1917 he was the chairman of the Board of the town, represented the residents of Kretinga at Vilnius conference. After restoration of the statehood, he was involved in establishment of self-governance institutions, provision of volunteer soldiers with weapons and ammunition. In 1920, he in cooperation with other fellows established the first commercial and industrial company "Minija" in Kretinga, in 1921–1923 he ran Kretinga agricultural small credit bank. In 1921, he joined the Lithunaian Riflemen's Union, became the firs rifleman in Kretingoja. the active member of the Lithuanian Popular Peasants' Union, collaborator od the publications "Varpas", "Bendrovė", "Lietuvos žinios", "Lietuvos ūkininkas", was awarded the Order of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas for his public activities. Ge died on 13 December 1936, was buried in the second cemetery of Kretinga. In 1989 (after his death), he was awarded the title of honorary citizen of Kretinga District.
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Vilniaus g. 8A, Kretinga


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