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Grave of the Head of Kretinga Police Station Kazys Grižas

A fighter for independence during the period of 1919–1920, volunteer creation of the Lithuanian Armed Forced, Head of Kretinga Police Station Kazys Grižas (1902–1927) was buried. His grave is at the main path of the cemetery. It bears an obelisk of pink-brown granite of coarse grain with the carved epitaph on the main facade of the monument: "R.I.P. Kazys Grižas, Head of Kretinga Police Station. On 1927 September 1927, he died in service". The monument was opened on 23 November 1928 on the initiative of Kretinga volunteer soldiers. Monument in the stone monument workshop of Kretinga (Bajorai) Hard Work Prison. Kazys Grižas was born on 1902 January 12 in Gučiūnai Village near Kamajai, Rokiškis District Municipality. In 1915, he was evacuated to Tula (Russia) together with other war refugees. When he came back to Lithuania, on 15 May 1919, he joined the Lithuanian Armed Forced as a volunteer, participated in struggles with the Bolsheviks, the Bermontians and Polish soldiers, was awarded the degree of senior warrant officer. He was taken prisoner in Seinai front line from which he came back on 10 June 1922 and demobilised. Having come back to the homeland, he became the a police office of Rokiškis County Public Police, in 1922–1923 he graduated from Kaunas Police School and was appointed as the deputy head of Rokiškis Police Station. In 1926, he married. On 1927 May 1927, he was promoted and appointed as the head of Kretinga Police Station of Kretinga County Public Police. On 1927 September 1927, he died during a shooting with robbers who, as believed, were the putschists who espaced Tauragė after the failed rebellion against the Government of Lithuania. In 1929 (after his death) he was awarded the 4th degree order of the Grand Duke of Lithuania Gediminas and in 1932 he was granted the status of the volunteer soldier and the medal for the volunteer creators of the Lithuanian Armed Forces.
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