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Grūšlaukė Saint John Nepomucene Church

Grūšlaukė Village had prayer home already in the 18th century. Funds for the first church of the village were allocated by the dukes Oginskis. However, the church patronised by the noblemen is long gone; the gorgeous church which was valuable in architectural terms burnt down during the Second World War. At the end of the Second World War, a temporary wooden church resembling a residential house was used even till 1995. The current masonry church built instead it is one of the youngest churches in the whole Kretinga District. The church stands out by its colour; probably it is the only prayer home which are painted in pink in the district. The church has three altars two of which were moved from the old church. Rather modern church in Grūšlaukė has a feature characteristic of old churches; crypts are equipped in the cellar of the building. They are used for burial of the priests of the parish.
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Darbėnų g. 29, Grūšlauks Village, Kretinga District