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Those who wish to visit PARTIZANŲ TROBA (GUERILLA HOUSE) in Salantai are invited to contact by tel. 867281551 or by e-mail Upon agreement in advance, we will be glad to welcome the guests of the town, small groups of children, youth! Live, honest stories, educational classes on the Forest Brothers of the Sword Unit of the Samogitian District in our country, fights for freedom! Let's contact and meet! The forest brothers are waiting for you in one-hundred year old Partizanų troba (Guerilla House)! Those who come are met by uniformed, armed forest brothers with full guerilla clobber, they will tell you about the importance of remembrance of the fights for freedom, signs of heroism of freedom fighters, striving for freedom and democracy, together will sign a partisan song and deliver a fully interesting history lesson! Not heard stories from the memories of contemporaries, photo albums, a kerosene lamp, authentic guns, a printing machine and other household utensils. During the educational programme, you will be familiarised with the history of fights for freedom (signs of heroism, conditions of fights, colourful personalities etc.) and the importance of promotion of its remembrance by employing the means attractive to a young man of these days. A vivid story based on the experience of the educator will enable the learners to understand that the story is not always black or white.
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Vilniaus Str. 45, Salantai, Kretinga District