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Hedgehog museum

Everything can be a collection; however, not every private collection is available to the public. This collection made by Birute and Vaidotas Kisieliai, consists of more than 800 decorative hedgehogs and is available to everyone – to visit this unusual museum you will not even need tickets. To the owners it is the most important that people would be interested and the best reward – another decorative hedgehog for the collection, which already has about 800 hedgehogs: they are made from various materials: wood, amber, glass, ceramics. Another part of the exhibit – books, calendars and pictures with hedgehogs. Among the exhibits, you will find both custom and mass produced hedgehogs. Most of them were sent from foreign countries. During your visit in this unique Lithuanian museum, you can personally increase the exhibit.
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Genių str. 56, Kretinga