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Imbarė Hillfort

If Imbarė hillfort took part in a beauty contest, it would definitely get to the finals. The hillfort cleaned from trees of limited value is one of the most impressive and probably the most important hillforts in Kretinga district. The Curonian castle which stood on the hillfort in the 10th-13th centuries was an administrative and economic centre of Ceklis land. Imbarė castle was so important that it even competed Apuolė castle and the street system found in the settlement at the foot of the castle allows assuming that in the Middle Ages Imbarė had some features of the town. The castle was abandoned around the year 1263. Later on, there was a manor on the hillfort. It is told that the manor vanished into the air. This place is more than a hillfort; it is a full archeological complex.
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Imbarė, Kretinga District


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