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Jokūbavas Blessed Virgin Mary Church

Today, Jokūbavas Blessed Virgin Mary Church has even two precursors. In the 18th century, the residents of Jokūbavas prayed in a wooden chapel dedicated to Saint Kajetonas. When the chapel disappeared, already in the 19th century a new wooden church was built. At that time it was named by the Blessed Virgin Mary. However, the church burnt down at the end of the Second World War. The current church in Jokūbavas was built only after many years, namely, in 1996. A one-tower and one-nova church was designed by the architect of Kretinga Edmundas Giedrimas. If you visit the church, it is worth remembering that traditions of help to close people have been fostered since ancient times; there was a spilt (shelter) near the old chapel more than two centuries ago. The old cemetery can still be found near the current church; a small chapel built in the stem of a tree can be examined.
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Raguviškių Str. 8, Jokūbavas, Kretinga District