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Jokūbavas School Museum

Even 3590; this is the number of exhibits of small Jokūbavas A. Stulginskis school-multifunctional centre-museum. This museum breaks down stereotypes about school museums and equals a real museum. This is the only museum in Kretinga District and outside Kretinga District which fully presents the life of the President of the Republic of Lithuania Aleksandras Stulginskis. Moreover, the museum has prepared educational programmes and an excursion to A. Stulginskis Park and the place of the homestead of the President. Many exhibits of the museum were gathered and donated to the school by learners themselves. A great gift was given by the National Museum. It gifted a composition of 23 stands reflecting the life if A. Stulginskis, his political life, to the school. The museum of Jokūbavas school is highly appreciated by the grandson of the President who visited Jokūbavas on several occasions.
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Jokūbavas, Kretingos Str. 20, Kretinga District


8 445 49653 (school), 8618 04127 (head of the museum)

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