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Kačaičiai Hillfort

Kačaičiai hillfort, Pilalė, is established in the cape at the confluence of the rivulets Kartenalė and Mažoji Kartenalė (Braukliškis). The eastern part of the hillfort is slipped to the rivulet Kartenalė. During the period of 1993–1997, erosion of the slopes of the hillfort was stabilised. The field lies fallow, the slopes are overgrown with mixed forest. The research material allows believing that Kačaičiai hillfort was probably used for defence purposes, since the detected cultural layer is not intensive, there are no many findings. The hillfort dates back to the first millenium – the 13th century. There is an ancient settlement in 0.2 ha area to the south of the hillfort.
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Kalno Grikštai, Žalgiris Subdistrict, Kretinga District


55.857417, 21.411556