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Kalnalis observation tower and discovery path

The only observation tower in Kalnalis, Kretinga district is a real dessert for the eyes. Vast surrounding areas of the valley of the river Salantas may be observed from 15 metre height. You can see horses of Žemaitukas (Samogitian) breed and cows gazing in the distance, high-rise Salantai church and magnificant Imbarė hillfort. After evaluation of the view from above, the view can be enjoyed walking on foot. Half a kilometer discovery path meanders from Kalnalis Tower towards Imbarė hillfort. The first object which can be seen on the path is Saint Laurent Church from which the path leads through a wide, spacious and charming valley of the river Salantas. There are birds, wild animals which pass the path from time to time, diversity of plants and the purest air. The discovery path ends with Imbarė hillfort which is wrapped in legends.
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M. Valančiaus Str., Kalnalis Village, Kretinga District


56.017174, 21.541322

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Always open