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Kalnalis Saint Lawrence Church

Special spirit can be felt in the church of small Kalnalis village; here the Samogitian bishop Motiejus Valančius was christened and special, rarely found "soldiers" can be seen here. They are human-size wooden sculptures of the guards of Christ. Saint Laurent Church is famous namely for such ancient heritage. Its precursor burnt down in flames caused by a lightning which stroke the church. A new church instead of the church which burnt down was built in 1883. The interior of the church is decorated by three altars. The painting of the main alter showing Saint Laurent was painted in Saint Petersburg Art Academy. And there is a bell moulded already at the end of the 18th centry in the belfry standing separately from the church. The church is on the hill on which an observation tower is built. Splendid views open from the hill.
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Kalnaliai Village, Kretinga District