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Kalno Grikštai Hillfort

Kalno Grikštai hillfort with a fore was set up on the hill of the right bank of Kartenalė II. The hillfort with a fore were set up in the 1st millenium, used till the beginning of the second millenium. A wooden castle which protected the western approaches to Ceklis land of the Curonian tribe was standing on them. The hillfort and a fore were abandoned n the second half of the 13th century when the crusades of the Livonian Order conquered the southern Curonian lands. The hillfort and a fore were covered by a forest. The ramparts are flattened, slightly spread out and defensive ditches partially shifted. A small path goes along the south-western and western slope. In 1941, a pillbox (long-term frontier fire machine-gun seat) of the Red Army was formed on the western slope of the hillfort and a pit for the second pillbox was dug on the side of the fore.
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Kalno Grikštai, Žalgiris Subdistrict, Kretinga District

Approximate coordinates:

55.85465, 21.395298