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Kašučiai Lake

Only one lake, namely, lake Kašučai, lies in Kretinga District. A lake of a half kilometre length is fascinating, crayfish pullulates in it. However, it is not the most valuable property of the lake. It is believed that clear and in some places swampy water of the lake keeps a secret. It is called "kūlgrinda". A secret, stone-paved path was found several years ago. The finding has given rise to real passions; some people say that it is a path paved during the Soviet times, other specialists assure that the stone path was paved by the ancient Curonians. And may this is a sacral path used by the ancestors for rituals? These are versions which must be supported by evidence. Meanwhile, no one prevents from visiting the vivid lake which, according to the legends, emerged when a large ball of water fell from the sky. Another mysterious place, i.e. a marsh called "Tyras", is also located near the lake Kašučiai.
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