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Kretinga Manor Park

Even today, Kretinga Manor Park the foundations for which were laid by Vilnius bishop I. J. Masalskis in the 18th century and which later it was fostered by the counts Tiškevičius fascinates all guests of the town. There are three ponds, avenues of trees reminding of the majesty of the counts and centuries-old oaks in the park of even 23 hectares. More than one building of the manor, i.e. a mill, a housekeeper's house, a distillery, a kindergarten and, of course, the palance and the Winter Garden, has survived in the territory of the park. One of the four fountains was restored in the summer guarded (as called by Tiškevičius family) several years ago, the Love Stone wrapped in legends is still standing. The Sun Dial and the astronomical calendar fit perfectly well with abundance of different types of trees, picturesque parterres and soft law. Although Kretinga Manor Park suffered from twists and turns of the history, today it is perfectly maintained and welcomes everyone seeking for romantic strolls and history.
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Vilniaus Str., Kretinga Manor Park


55.896776, 21.251086

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