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Laukžemė Manor

Laukžemė Manor which was famous for its beauty in the past looks like a ghost: all changes in time and air and the wounds of the building made by a man can be seen here. Nevertheless, the manor has something charming: maybe secrets and the past. Laukžemė Manor as an economic object has been mentioned since the 16th century. Indeed, the current palace was built in 1903 by virtue of the family of barons von Stempel. A park, an orchard and three ponds are near the manor. The palace which was particularly gorgeous at some time could be equal to Tiškevičius Manor in Kretinga by its value. It is said that there was tunnel from the manor to the arbour of the park. Of course, treasures and vicious wine were stored in it. A magazine, i.e. a warehouse for storage of grain, has survived in the territory of the manor. There are only several such magazines in Lithuania.
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Laukžemė, Kretinga District

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