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Laukžemė the Holy Apostle Andrew Church

An entrance to the cosy Laukžemė village looks is worth a postcard; after passing the valley of the rivulet Kulšė, there is an elegant and wooden Church of the Holy Holy Apostle Andrew. Its precursors gos back even to the 16th century. The current church was built in 1850. However, treasures in the church are much older. For example, the wooden sculpture of the Mary and Baby Jesus which was in porch of the church seems to be probably 600 year old. According to the art experts, the gothic sculpture is the oldest Lithuanian Madonna in the whole country. A painting of Virgin Mary Scapular is another splendid exhibit in the church It was painted in 1729. The church is also decorated by the strained-glass windows made at the beginning of the 20th century in Warsaw and a bell moulded in 1740 is ringing in the belfry.
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Laukžemė Village, Kretinga District