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Lourdes grotto

Kretinga Lourdes Grotto is a heaven of peace in the centre of the town. The place which is wrapped in legends is loved by believers and those who are looking for some peace. Franciscans built Kretinga Lourdes Grotto in 1933 when the real Lourdes in France celebrated its 75th anniversary. The only difference is that the Virgin Mary came to children in the grotto in France. Such miracle has not occurred in Kretinga but it is believed that the spring flowing near the grotto is miraculous and healing since ancient times. During the opening ceremony, Kretinga Lourdes which is built of the stones of a demolished brewery attracted even 25 thousand prayers from the whole Lithuania. A white marble alter in Lourdes Grotto was destroyed during the war and during the Soviet times but the sculptures which decorated the grotto have survived till these days. Different festive celebrations of the Franciscan Gymnasium take place in the Blessed Mary Square which is in front of Lourdes. Nevertheless, on weekdays this place is not only quiet place of rest but also one of the picturesque corners of the town.
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J. Pabrėžos Street, Kretinga, Kretinga


55.892666, 21.243494

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Always open