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Love stone

A stone titled as the Love Stone has been standing in Kretinga Manor Park for a long time. The story goes that the ruler of the Russian Empire Catherine II and her favourite count Platon Zubov liked to lovely sit on the bench-shaped stone. The latter was indeed the ruler of Kretinga Manor but at that time the impress was dead. Be that as it may, the stone is wrapped in legends. It is said that when one sits on the stone for a while, love happens, the relationship becomes stronger or lost feelings come back. And for those who do not believe in romantic legends, there is a domestic side of the story. It is possible that in the 19th century the stone served as a fountain base for the sculpture. Only after demolition of the fountain, the stone was brought deeper to the part and shaped as a bench, i.e. broader on one side, intended for two people, and narrower on the other side, adapted for more lonely sitting down.
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