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Monastery of St. Clara’s Sisters

Kretinga is known as the centre of the Franciscans of Lithuania since ancient times. Franciscans were invited to the town in the 17the century by J. K. Chodkevičius. Thanks to him, the First Franciscan Order, i.e. men's monastery, appeared in Kretinga and later the Third Secular Franciscan Order settled in the town. The Franciscan family was fully completed by the Monastery of St. Clara's Sisters finished in 2000. It is established in away from the bustle of the town, is surrounded by a huge garden, the monastery looks most mysterious to the majority of people. Probably this is because St. Clara's sisters are not so often seen in public. They live a secretive, contemplative life according to the rhythm of prayer and work. The nuns may be visited at the set time; the meeting takes place while the Clarisse Sister stands behind bars. This is a symbol of the boundary of the secular and spiritual life. The chapel may also be visited: the whole complex created by an architect from Italy is filled with serenity and brings to Italy. To the place where the Franciscans belonging to the Order were born.
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Mėguvos Str. 34, Kretinga



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