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Monument for commemoration of the last commander of Vizbutas squad of the "Sword" (since the beginning of 1953, Šatrija) company of the Samogitian district, guerillas Antanas Gliožeris, Antanas Bružas, Anicetas Kaunas and Vytautas Vaičekauskas who were killed on 6 April 1953 in Kūlupėnai and Vaineikiai forests; Pušyno g., Kūlupėnai Village, Kūlupėnai forest, Vaineikiai forest district, quarter 85, parcel of land 13. Built in 1999. Initiator and master of construction Juozapas Antanas Viluckas.
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55.976103, 21.412522 (WGS).