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Monument for remembrance of the sufferings of the Lithuanian people experienced during the 1940-1988 occupation period

This monument in the old cemetery of Kretinga, in front of Saint George chapel is exclusive not only due to its shape. This is the first monument built during the period of the Revival in Lithuania. The monument was designed by the architect of Kretinga Town Edmundas Giedrimas. The Lithuanian stone which has seen rainy water and sun in the fields was shaped as a heart. However, the heart is split and bears the cross sign, i.e. symbol of sufferings experienced by people of Kretinga and the Lithuanian people during the periods of occupation of the nation. A stone for the monument was donated by the stone master and Franciscan Vilius Orvidas who was a silent herald of freedom and immortalised not only belief but also thirst for independence in his works. The initiators of the monument are the Initiative Group of the Reform Movement of Lithuania in Kretinga.
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Vilniaus Str. 19A, Kretinga

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