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Monument for the 10th Anniversary of the Independence of Lithuania

Opened on 15 May 1928 by Salantai Squad of Kretinga Riflemen's Regiment and the Committee for the Preparation of the Tenth Anniversary of the Independence of Lithuania on the initiative of the Board of Salantai Unit. In 1950, it was demolished. In 1988-1989, it was restored by virtue of Salantai Support Group of the Reform Movement of Lithuania. Two its stairs are authentic and in 1989 a new base was made by the workers of Erlėnai auxiliary business workshop of Alka kolkhoz (farming collective). The monument was restored by the stoner master Kazimieras Orvidas. On 1989 February 1989, it was solemnly sanctified. The monument is made of grey-brown granite of coarse grain, consists of three layers, has an obelisk-shaped top. A shield with a double cross of the Jagiellonian dynasty (the sign of the Riflemen's Union) is engraved in the facade; sign and inscription of the cross: "1918-1928. Let's cultivate the feelings of unity and love of the nation by celebrating the anniversary of the Independence of Lithuania. Salantai".
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Dariaus ir Girėno Str., Salantai


348520, 6216524 (LKS), 56.058703, 21.567704 (WGS)

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