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Monument of Independence

The history of the modest Monument for Independence in Kretinga is worth a detective. The monument was built in the town for commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Lithuania in 1928. The members of the Lithuanian Riflemen's Union in Kretinga took care of this. But recently it was still considered: who created the monument? Maybe Robertas Antinis, the author of the famous sculpture "Eglė the Queen of Serpents" (Eglė žalčių karalienė)? And maybe the prisoners of the prison which was located in Bajorai? Anyway, the monument which is in the Town Hall Square today is a copy of the original. It appears that the original monument was made by the stonemason Jonas Akinskas. After the war, someone stole the original monument and drowned it in the river Akmena. In 1989, people who cleaned the river found the obelisk which was lost. The monument damaged by time and the river turned a trash but after restoration of the independence it decorated the historical centre of Kretinga town again.
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Rotušės Square, Kretinga


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