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Monument to Jonas Sauseris

Sauseriai Village in Kretinga District was named for the memory of the hero, volunteer soldier Jonas Sauseris. J. Sauseris was born in the suburbs in which the monument in his honour stands. He as a labourer of Grabšyčiai Manor decided to join the Lithuanian volunteer army. The senior sergeant of the Lithuanian King Mindaugas Infantry Battalion was characterised by boldness. Unfortunately, in 1920 he was killed in Širvintos surrounding areas fighting with the Polish soldiers. The land of the manor in which J. Sauseris was born was distributed among labourers, volunteer soldiers. Being aware of the boldness of their comrade, they named the village in his honour. The monument for the volunteer soldier J. Sauseris was erected by virtue of his sister's children. The monumental stone reminds of the outstanding courage of an average person and his sacrifice for the homeland.
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Sauseriai Village, Kretinga District


345487, 6206238 (LKS), 55.965423, 21.524977 (WGS).

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