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Monument to the Selesian Monk Petras Perkumas

Immediately after entering Darbėnai you can see a sculpture of an elegant young man on the outskirts of the church. The sculpture in the shades of trees is often even unnoticed. However, this is a sculpture of Petras Perkumas who is not so well known in Lithuania but is referred to as the saint abroad. The future Salesian monk was born during the period between the two world wars near Darbėnai. He became famous far away from his homeland, i.e. in Turin, a city of Italy. After becoming the monk, P. Perkumas lived only 20 years. He left this world very young due to heart disease but he truly impressed people around him with his piety, obedience, strong will and determination to follow the path of faith. Salesian monks even collect material helping to canonise this resident of Darbėnai. P. Perkumas was remembered in his home country and homeland only after restoration of independence. P. Perkumas who emerged from oblivion in the form of a sculpture could serve as an example for others to follow.
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Turgaus Square, Darbėnai, Darbėnai Subdistrict, Kretinga District


56.022003, 21.253984

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