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Monumental cross and tombstone slab

Monumental cross and tombstone plaque for commemoration of the commander of the guerilla forces of the "Sword" company of the Samogitian district Juozas Paulauskas, the head of the headquarters Kazimieras Martinkus and guerillas Justinas Rimkus, Leonora Viluckaitė, Vytautas Zaleckas who were killed on 3 June 1950 in this forest and the member of the headquarters of the "Sword" company Stasys Lisauskas who was killed on 7 February 1948 in the forest of Žibininkai village, Darbaliai Village, Darbaliai forest, Lenkimai forest district, quarter 53, parcel of land 8. Built in 1995 on the initiative of Stanislovas Burba and Adolfas Kontrimas (author of the cross).
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