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Monumental cross and tombstone slab

Monumental cross and tombstone plaque for commemoration of the guerillas of the "Sword" company of the Samogitian district who were killed during the period of 1944–1965 and born in Grūšlaukė county Juozas Galdikas (1917–1948), Vladas Galdikas (1922–1948), Aleksas Jonkus (1915–1946), Barbora Kniežaitė (1926–1952), Elena Kniežaitė (1928–1951), Pranas Končys (1913–1965), Kazimieras Kontrimas (1913–1952), Stasys Lisauskas (1927–1949) and Antanas Šverys (1924–1948), churchyard of Grūšlaukė Saint John Nepomucene Church, Darbėnų g. 29, Grūšlaukė Village. Opened on 1999 May 16 on the initiative of Stanislovas Burba and Adolfas Kontrimas (author of the cross).
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