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Monumental cross and typical commemorative shield

Monumental cross and typical commemorative shield for commemoration of the commander of the headquarters of Bugantas detachment of the "Sword" company of the Samogitian district Juozas Martinaitis, the deputy commander Kazimieras Stropas, the head of the Liaison Unit Aleksas Malakauskas and the guerilla liaison officer Apolonija Gaudutienė who were killed on 12 August 1948 in the camp equipped in Simonas Gaudutis homestead in Lubiai Village, Saulėtekio g., Lubiai Village. The cross (author Vytautas Končius) was erected in 2012 by virtue of Kartena subdistrict, the commemorative shield (author of the project Romas Navickas) was erected on 6 September 2013 on the initiative of the commander of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, the lieutenant-general Arvydas Pocius and the chairman of Kartena Society of for Commemoration of the Fights for Independence Juozapas Antanas Viluckas. They were solemnly opened on 6 June 2014.
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