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Monumental cross and typical commemorative shield

Monumental cross for commemoration of Kontrimai homestead in which the parents of the guerillas Jonas Kontrimas and Barbora Kontrimienė, their children, namely, the commander of "Sword" company of the Samogitian district Kazimieras Kontrimas, guerillas Antanas, Pranas Kontrimas and Adolfas Kontrimas, exiles Jonas Kontrimas and Augustas Kontrimas, Stanislava Kontrimaitė and Eleonora Kontrimaitė, lived, Kumpikai Village. Built in 1989 on the initiative of Pranas Kontrimas instead of the old cross of the homestead erected in 1947. A typical commemorative shield was erected in 2018 near the cross.
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56.055305, 21.394585 (WGS).

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