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N. Įpiltis Shrine Hill with chapel

Alka Hill is the most famous place of Naujoji Įpiltis Village. In antiquity pagans used to sacrifice to the gods and the hill itself was wrapped with strange legends over time. It is told that local people avoided passing the hill at night; it incited some strange bear. During the First World War, the German people tried to build a triangulation tower in the former sacred pagan place. One soldier fell down and died. Perhaps that is why or due to other legends, crosses were erected on the hill. And in 1930 local residents built a wooden chapel here. May Feast service has taken place in it for many years. Earlier youths called up for military service used to visit the chapel to pray. It was believed that diseases may be forsaken in the chapel. Recently, the community of S. Įpiltis took care of the repair of the chapel, the interior of the chapel was decorated with new paintings and colours.
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Skuodo Str., Naujoji Įpiltis, Kretinga District


56.126437, 21.266771

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