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Naujoji Įpiltis Stone

Naujoji Įpiltis stone lies on the right bank of the rivulet Įpiltis, to the south-east of the shrine hill. It was the seventh stone in Lithuania by size, geological and cultural monument. The stone (8,5 x 6,5 m size, with flat surface) is considered as special and called Dauba stone (Daubos kūlis). It is believed that the surface hallow is a fairie's footprint; thus, the stone is also called Lauma stone (Laumės kūlis). The youth of Naujoji Įpiltis village and Senoji Įpiltis village used to organise picnics, dance on the stone. legends say that people saw ghosts and little flames to the shrine hill near the stone at night. Allegedly in antiquity a bath in which girls, boys and farmers spent time after work stood on the hill.
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Naujoji Įpiltis, Kretinga District


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