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Negarba Hillfort

Negarba hillfort is one of the most beautiful and most entrenched hillforts in the district, set up on the bank of the rivulet Tenžė, at the edge of the hill, surrounded by a high and wide rampart. Due to its special shape similar to a bowl (in Samogitian, bliūdas) it was called Bliūdkalnis. It dates back to the first millenium – the 13th century. Curonian Nebargė (Negarba) castle mentioned in 1253 was standing on the hillfort. It is told that an enchanted girl of the hill begging to take off the curse appears at the hillfort every 300 years: one just has to kiss a dreadful toad which swells witch each kiss and becomes more and more horrible. One brave youngster started to fulfil the girl's request but no one was able to fully complete the task.
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