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Old Cemetery of Kretinga Parish

Graves of the Franciscan monks (19th century); grave of a botanist, priest, monk J. A. Pabrėža (1849, wayside shrine, 1933); grave of the priest Mykolas Valančius, the older brother of the Bishop Motiejus Valančius; a stony chapel of Saint George built in the first half of the 19th century and the grave of the ethnographer, founder of the Museum of Kretinga Ignas Jablonskis buried nearby, the burial site of the statesman, the General V. Nagius-Nagevičius and his relatives, the grave of resistance fighters of the "Sword" company of Kretinga district, a monument for commemoration of the sufferings of the Lithuanian nation, designed by the architect Edmundas Giedrimas on 1 November 1988.
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Vilniaus Str., Kretinga

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