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Old Jewish Cemetery of Kretinga, sites of massacre and graves of Jews

The cemetery operated from the 18th century to 1941. The Jewish of Kretinga, Kartena and Jokūbavas towns who belonged to Kretinga Jewish community were buried in them. In July-September 1941, the state security police officers and auxiliary police officers of Kretinga District killed about 220 women and children of Kretinga Jewish community, 125 members of Mosėdis Jewish community, buried the Jews, communists, members of the Komsomol, activists of the Soviet authorities in the southern part of the cemetery in Kretinga District. The cemetery was enclosed by a concrete wall from all sides, today only several fragments of the wall have remained. In 1994, symbolic openwork gate was equipped in the place of the former gate. The cemetery is abundant in stone and concrete tombstone monuments with epitaphs in the Hebrew letters. There are two monuments for commemoration of the victims of the massacre in the southern part of the cemetery.
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Meguvos Str., Kretinga


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