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Old Kretinga town watermill

It is hard to believe that at some time the boundaries of Kretinga Town were hardly outside the boundaries of the Town Hall Square and the current Birutės Street towards the river Akmena was already outside the town. At some time it was the New Town for Jews. Almost nothing has survived from those times. However, the old watermill of Kretinga Town could boldly speak on behalf of the entire quarter. A while mill standing at the river was built at the end of the 18th century. It is titled as the oldest mill in the whole Kretinga district. The mill is built of stones and bricks, at some places the thickness of its walls is even one metre. Not surprisingly, the exterior of the mill has not changed significantly, it is only embellished and improved by different owners from time to time. At some time the milled belonged to Vilnius bishop I. J. Masalskis and Tiškevičius family. During the first world war, the German people equipped a power station in the mill. In fact, no equipment of the mill has survived, a restaurant is established in the building but the very building still reminds of old times.
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Birutės Str. 19, kretinga