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Place of synagogue

In the 18th century, a wooden synagogue located was at the address Mėguvos Str. 3, Kretinga. After it burned during a fire in 1954, in 1960 Kahal built a new masonry synagogue and beth midrash (smaller prayer house-school). In 1941, when the Nazis set the synagogue on fire, the whole Old Town burnt down. After the war, a bus station was equipped at that place, later on, the hotel "Mėguva" was built and currently it is neglected. By the Resolution of the Seimas, 2020 was declared as the year of the Vilnius Gaon and history of the Lithuanian Jews. On that occasion, a memorial was unveiled at the site of the Kretinga Synagogue.
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Mėduvos Str. 3. Kretinga


55.887755, 21.240705

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The building may be examined from the outside but it is neglected