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Pelėkiai Stone

Pelėkiai stone is another boulder found in the valleys of the spring Kulšė which is wrapped in legends. The pink stone which is also called as the Devil Stone (Velnio akmuo) is nearly 6 metre length. Feet of the Devil were allegedly imprinted in the ancient granite. Indeed, such "feet" are here. They are called bowls and there are even 89 bows on the stone. Other legends say that devils like to dance and ghosts appear on the stone at night. Nevertheless, probably the stone was used for rituals; stories that priestesses used to feed fires on the huge stone and wizards used to offer sacrifices are still told. Elderly people tell that in antiquity a spring used to spurt from under the stone. Its water refreshed people who used to work in the fields of the surrounding areas.
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Laukžemė Village, Kretinga District


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