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Prystovai hillfort place

Prystovai hillfort, also known as the Castle (Pilis), Pilė, Pilalė, Dyburys pilalė, is a place of a putative hillfort at the confluence of the rivers Minija and Mišupė. It is told that in ancient times there was a castle at the confluence of the rivers Minija and Mišupė and the Samogitian defenders of the castle defended themselves against crusaders and Swedish people. Although no cultural layer and defensive fortifications characteristic of hillforts remained, it is believed that a hillfort was indeed located in this place; however, it was washed by the rover Minija several centuries ago and the name Castle (Pilis) (Pilalė) was used for the corner of the hill, the outcrop which formed in it.
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Prystovai Village, Kretinga District


55.956944, 21.552222

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