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Resort of the first pond of the manor

The size of Kretinga Manor Park is 23 hectares. A rare guest of the town walks around the park, a rare guest goes to the First Pond of the Manor which by the residents of Kretinga is called as the "third pond". This pond is not just a pond of water. It is the most popular resort in the town. On hot summer days spending time at the pond feels like being on Palanga beach. Some people sunbathe on well-cared grass, some people cool their led on the sand of the coast and some people refresh in clear water of the pond. The resort has all necessary equipment, i.e. changing rooms, WC, playground, footbridge and maintained environment. And the pond was created not for rest. At the end of the 19th century, the earls Tiškevičius and their guests used the pond for fishing. Waterfowl pullulate here. There are three ponds in the manor park; earlier water from one bond flew to another bond by cascades.
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