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Central Square of Kretinga

When a person comes to the central square of Kretinga, i.e. Town Hall Square, he can feel the space and a feeling that something is missing here. When familiarising with this place, one has to click on the button of imagination; indeed, much is missing in the square. For example, the Town Hall was in the middle of the square which was formed more than 400 years ago. There were a treasury, court of the town in the square, court judgements, information relevant to the residents of the town were announced in the square. When Kretinga became a part of the Russian Empire, a church was built instead of the demolished Town Hall. No signs of the church have remained but today shelter is provided by trees, benches are equipped in the square. The Lutheran church may be examined from the square in which in ancient times hilarious marketplaces were organised, a sacral Franciscan ensemble is clearly visible, the monument for J. K. Chodkevičius invites to meet. And if you invoke imagination, you can imagine the houses which once were on all sides of the square.
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