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S. Įpiltis Stone

The first and third hillforts of Senoji Įpiltis are separated by the stream Graistupis and a spectacular stone has lied between them already for centuries. Local people call it the Altar Stone (Aukuro akmuo) and the Lady's Bed (Ponios lova). Allegedly some noble lady liked to lie on the stone and allegedly a clearly visible fold resulted from such lying. Today people who were possibly seduced by the legend or maybe simply believe in magic like to lie down on the stone. It is believed that the stone has healing energy. Furthermore, a spring is spurting from under the stone; it has been long believed to be holy and healing. The stone is of impressive size, i.e. 3.6 m length and 3 m width. And this is only a small part of the stone. It is considered that a large part of the stone is under the ground. This objects wrapped in legends was declared a geological asset and is among ten largest stones in Lithuania by size.
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Senoji Įpiltis, Kretinga District


56.126714, 21.247887

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