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Sacred Heart Franciscan Missionary Congregation

If not a modest sign-board, the travellers visiting Kretinga would not have even thought that there is a women's monastery above the tearoom "Špitolė" which is so loved by the inhabitants of Kretinga. However, each local resident knowns that the three Franciscan Missionaries who are always in good mood live namely there. The door of the monastery is always open to everyone: one just has to ring the bell. The sisters working at school admit children and people seeking for spiritual help. The roots of the congregation are in the sunny Italy. The monastery was established there in 1861. The sisters came to Kretinga in 1995. Their mission was to revive faith in the community which suffered the Soviet oppression. Soon the sisters became part of Kretinga community; they were loved by everyone, the sisters were always open to conversation, a cup of tea, discussion.
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Vilniaus Str. 3, Kretinga