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Places to visit

Saint Mathieu Church

It is worth to visit the modest Saint Mathieu Church simply for the reason that the building is a proof of unity, persistence and kindness of the community. Ideas to build a church in Kūlupėnai arose already during the period between the two world wars. Plans were prepared, construction materials were delivered, it was said that even an altar was delivered. Nevertheless, the works were disturbed by the war. The residents of Kūlupėnai returned to the idea to have own prayer home at the beginning of independence. The common goal united the residents: a parcel of land for the church was donated by two women from Kūlupėnai, another woman from Kūlupėnai donated a parcel of land to the dean. After it was sold, the received money was sufficient for the start of construction. The architectural design was a gift of the architect L. L. Mardosas. After eight years, i.e. in 2014, on Palm Sunday, by virtue of effort of the whole community, Saint Mathieu Church opened the door.
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Mokyklos Str. 2a, Kūlupėnai, Kretinga District