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Salantai chestnut

One of the most impressive objects in Salantai Manor is one century old chestnut. It has a honorary title; as far as is currently known, it is the thickest vital chestnut in Lithuania. Although it is very likely that the chestnut was planted, it is still green in each spring, then it has impressive blossoms and in autumn bystanders can enjoy autumn-smelling chestnuts. The circumference of the old tree is 4.8 m and the diameter of the bole is 1.53 m; the height of the tree is even 28 m. This tree really saw the prospering life of the manor and the then beauty of the park, i.e. parkways, parterres and many other trees which have not reached such age as Salantai chestnut. The chestnut is a natural monument growing in the valley of Salantai Manor Park.
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Dariaus ir Girėno Str. 26, Salantai, Kretinga District

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