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Tamožinė Oak

One of the most special objects of nature in Kretinga District is Tamožinė oak. It seems that the oak is a simple oak; it was impressive, about 200 year old, its circumference was 4.64 m, its height was 31 m. Meanwhile, legends about the oak are much more special than the data of the tree. It is said that formerly the girls which are still single were threatened, i.e. that they would be brought to Tamožinė oak for foxes. Legends say that formerly ghosts haunted, storms arose and even devils gathered at the oak. However, the most interesting thing is that the oak grows near the old road called the French road (Prancūzkelis). The old residents of the suburbs state that Napoleon's army marked on this road.
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Sauseriai Village, Kretinga District


55.967123, 21.523769

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