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Tūbausiai Holy Apostle Andrew Church

Slowly driving on the road in Tūbausiai Village, near the forest, between wide fields, one can see the Church of Holy Apostle Andrew. It sort of emerges in the middle of nothing, it is slightly lonely and mysterious. In 1928, the church was built by virtue of Franciscan monks. Only then it was made of wood. The residents of Tūbausiai should thank for the possibility to rebuilt the church of more sustainable materials to a strange coincidence and maybe the will of God. In 1940, when the occupation started, the Russian soldiers started to build bunkers in the outskirts of Tūbausiai. They failed to implement their plans; thus, it was decided to use construction materials for construction of the church. Despite the war, the church was built and even had its feast day. It is really worth visiting Tūbausiai church on Saint Henry's Day, i.e. the on the day when the believers gather to solemn feast day followed by a jolly community meeting.
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Bažnyčios Str. 11, Tūbausiai Village, Kretinga District