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Vytautas the Great Park

The decoration of Darbėnai town is Vytautas the Great Park. Once upon a time, Darbenai was even called a resort because of it. Locals say that in the interwar summers there were so many summerers that even the workers of the house built outbuildings. Many of the holidaymakers were Jews - they liked the shade of pine trees and the clean water of the Melnyčia pond. The place for fun meetings in the park was also for the locals: an orchestra played here, dances and dates took place. The park, probably established between the wars, is on the rise today. Every year, the community returns, manages and improves the park through talc. The pine society has dwarf houses for children, fireplaces, swings and rest areas. You can also take a bath on a hot day - Melnyčia pond is clear and cool.
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